sâmbătă, 27 august 2016

What do you need if you want to be a leader in BPO in 20 ideas

1. Encourage proactivity, self-sufficiency and outside the box thinking within the team
2. Lead the team by example
3. Coach and mentor the team on their day to day duties and internal projects
4. Define personal goals for each team member including career path and growth and conduct regular one on one’s to review ongoing performance.
5. Coordinate global team resources to provide 24/7 support – time zones, vacations, holidays
6. Act as point of escalation for the Customer Support team and customers, managing urgent and sensitive cases to resolution while keeping management informed of potential further escalation
7. Drive productivity and performance to overachieve on Area Customer Support – KPIs', Call Time Optimization goals metrics, SLAs'
8. Provide regular reports to Customer Support management
9. Build relationships with cross functional teams
10. Work with the Development team on customer issue prioritization
11. Document processes and knowledge  record technical sessions, knowledge base, wiki
12. Own and resolve customer issues for our broad customer base of fortune 500 companies
13. Attention to detail in analysis and Customer Relationship Management ongoing updates.
14. Communicate effectively with customers, including expectations for callbacks and follow-up on their issues.
15. Manage difficult customers effectively and professionally
16. Demonstrate an increasing level of customer care skills
17. Review cases and provide appropriate feedback to support engineers, coaching them on their customer interactions and troubleshooting
18. Ensure support communication is professional and useful to customers at all times, delivering service that provides value and contributes to the customers’ success
19. Drive changes that improve support-related processes. Identify and address any gaps in internal tools and processes
20. Identify and address knowledge gaps, ensure common understanding across the team